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UK Games Expo and upcoming Stretch Goals.

Wow! Where do you start after a weekend like that? There was so much going on and I'm still digesting it. Let's start with the people, because the people were amazing! Yes, all of you. Whether it was the fellow exhibitors who were helpful and a great laugh in equal measure, members of the press who really got on board with what we showed them in the press preview, or of course all you other lovely people who graced our humble stall to find out what on earth Flip the Script was. Whether it sounded like your cup of tea, or "i'm rubbish at that", most of you came away having had a good time, and even the few that still felt it wasn't for them were polite. It always felt good to see someone who wasn't big on improv style games get into it and come away laughing at the ridiculousness of a particular pitch, be it their own, ours, or their friends'. Speaking of pitches, we heard some absolute crackers over the weekend. From historical epics starring Christopher Walken, that always somehow ended up being named some variant of "Walken the ..." or "Walken to ...", to a family film about gambling that focussed on the inhabitants of a grabber arcade machine; there were plenty of weird and wonderful pitches that would surely freshen up Hollywood.

The press preview was great too. Those that stopped by our table were always focussed on what we had to show, never distracted. It never felt like someone was merely humouring us and whilst the type of game was not for everyone, those people understood the appeal of the game to others. Those that did love it have already been onto social media spreading the word to their followers and for that we are eternally grateful.

That brings us to the coming week. In the next couple of days we'll be announcing the targets for achieving the campaign stretch goals. There will be 1 social goal, and the others will be monetary based. Make sure you continue to keep sharing the campaign to friends and family across any social media platforms you belong to, and forward the updates to anyone who may be interested. It's going to take a big effort to get the awareness for the campaign out there and we hope you, as our biggest fans will us to achieve that.

So, until our next update with the stretch goals... Get sharing, and get backing -

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