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Gearing for Launch - Latest goings on for Flip the Script

With just over 3 weeks until our intended kickstarter launch day, things are beginning to ramp up! Promotional copies have been sent out to some reviewers. We expect these reviews to come out either just before or on launch day, so keep an eye out for those!

With UK Games Expo also fast approaching, we've been finalising our arrangements, designing promotional material but most excitingly, we can now announce our participation in a rather exciting initiative taking place at the expo... Flip the Script is teaming up with 20 other independent publishers to form the UK Indie Gamer Guild and together we are bringing the UKIGG Treasure Hunt to this year's expo. In short, the hunt involves searching out the different stalls, meeting the publishers and collecting stamps. Participants can then submit completed hunts for a chance to win some amazing prizes that the publishers have donated. More info can be found in the video below.

Flip the Script can also announce another partnership... We are proud to say we have become the latest members of the Indie Game Alliance. IGA is a great organisation with over 600 members, helping us little guys to get the word out and hook up players with great innovative games. The future of Flip the Script just got a little rosier.

Finally, filming has gotten underway for our campaign video. It's not an easy process on such a shoe-string budget but it has definitely been bolstered by some superb professional voice-over work by all-round top bloke Simon Miller. Simon's voice-over has definitely given the opening to the video an air of professionalism that would have been severely lacking if I'd done it myself. I'm really looking forward to the final edit.

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