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Flip the Script is going to UK Games Expo 2017!

It is with great excitement that I can officially announce Flip the Script is heading to the UK Games Expo 2017 as an exhibitor!

For those unfamiliar, the Expo emanates from the Birmingham NEC Convention Centre from June 2nd - 4th, and is the biggest tabletop convention in the UK with over 12,500 people attending last year.

This marks the biggest step in Flip the Script's young journey and all of a sudden it all feels very real! Up until now, whist I had targetted June as a go-live date for the kickstarter campaign, it's always been a case of we'll launch when we're ready. This changes all of that and I now have a ticking clock!

Being an exhibitor obviously comes with costs, and the main reason for heading down the kickstarter route was because of it's low cost nature. I therefore need to be able to recoup these costs in the form of increased backing if the trip is going to be worthwhile; and if that's going to happen I need to be live at the time! Sure, I could go, generate some awareness and buzz but the question always has to come back to will this generate more backers? If the kickstarter is not live during the Expo, all that buzz will have a chance to dissipate, people will start to forget and eventually, it will be like we never went, so it is crucial that we are live so that people can back the campaign during that weekend.

It's certainly daunting but they say a sense of urgency can be good for you. Next week, the free print & play test pack will finally be available to download and the road to the live campaign will march on!

Are you heading to UK Games Expo? If so, let us know!


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