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Designing an iconic look for a game with iconic actors

Good design isn't easily achieved, and of course people don't always agree on what good design is in the first place; so coming up with the right design style for Flip the Script wasn't an overnight process, and a lot of ideas were explored before the final prototype concept.

The logo for the game was one of the first things we worked on, and I think I drew up around 50 sketches before I was happy with a final design to work on. It's always hard to produce a logo because it needs to say a lot while also looking simple, and it needs to work in different settings be it on the product or used in advertising. We settled on a film cell with Flip the Script written with an iconic movie style.

The card and box art was a long process, involving a lot of discussions over what made good card game design (which was a great excuse to play lots of other card based party games). The primary objective was to make sure the game looked like what it was, a party game centred around films.

We wanted to make sure the cards were clean and simple to read, while also being easy to distinguish between the different types of cards (Actor, Genre and Theme). We've used colour and images on the back, and also given them a coloured border on the front of the cards so the player is in no doubt which cards are which; these same colours are used on the box, tying it and the cards into one overall design scheme.

The box also carries on the film cell idea used for the logo of Flip the Script, by wrapping it around the sides and over the front of the box, completing another link to the overall look of the game.

There were some disagreements between myself and others during the design of Flip the Script, and like any design process it was about being able to incorporate other people's ideas into a workable product; but saying that I really enjoyed designing the look of it.

Above all I hope people out there not only enjoy the game, but also feel we have come up with the best design possible.

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